Mining Sector - Bird deterrant floating modular water surface covers (Bird Ball)

Waterfowl attracted to areas of open water put themselves and humans at risk. A floating layer of Bird Ball™ successfully camouflages the liquid and birds fail to recognize the ponds. The Bird Balls® will camouflage the water surface and significantly reduce bird activity in and around the previously open water areas.


Covering the surface of the toxic pond is a  simple and effective  solution to deter birds from open water ponds (especially from Mining and chemical process ponds, which contains sodium cyanide and other toxic elements).


Bird Balls® are 100mm diameter UV stabilised black plastic balls, manufactured in High Density Polyethylene. The balls float on the surface of the pond, automatically arranging themselves into a close packed formation to completely cover the liquid surface.


International Cyanide Code article 4.4 states that: "Implement measures to protect birds, other wildlife and livestock from adverse effects of cyanide process solutions." Please click on the link below to read more about the code:


Birds will never realize that your process pond is poisonous … you need to cover your toxic ponds to save them … it is an environmental responsibility!