Evaporation control through using modular floating water surface covers

Euro-Matic floating ball blankets provide highly effective solutions to difficult liquid storage problems. By placing a sufficient quantity of floating balls onto the surface of a liquid, the balls automatically arrange themselves into a close packed formation over 91% of the surface area. Such a high surface coverage provides an extremely effective barrier and significantly reduces the mass and heat transfer mechanisms operating between the liquid and surrounding environment.

A thermal insulation barrier is achieved through the air held in each ball and the poor heat conductivity of plastic. The air pockets between the balls, although not sealed, also contribute to this cellular insulation system which dramatically reduces heat loss.

The low liquid surface area exposed to atmosphere dramatically reduces liquid loss through evaporation, odor release to the atmosphere and conversely prevents surface absorption of oxygen.

Yet a blanket of Euro-Matic balls presents no impediment to product dipping or equipment which has to move through the liquid surface; the balls are pushed aside, but quickly reform their cover as the equipment moves forward or products are lifted away from the tank. The balls will rise and fall with liquid level within storage tanks, and also provide a constant cover over liquids held in reservoirs with sloping sides. If the liquid level falls, causing the surface area to shrink, the balls simply stack in a double layer; they automatically spread themselves into a single layer again as the level rises.