• Reduction of liquid/water loss through evaporation by up to 91%
  • Bird deterrent
  • Reduced chemical consumption
  • Improved working environments
  • Dramatically reduces foul odours reaching the atmosphere
  • Allows movement of equipment through the liquid/water
  • Reduces penetration of UV rays
  • Precludes growth of algae and clogging weeds
  • Extra stability at wind speeds in excess of 147 km/h (28 m/s)

Euromatic Bird Ball™ is a high quality moulded HDPE plastic ball, designed for use used in:

  • Fresh and treated open water containment ponds to minimize evaporation loss & algae control.
  • Toxic ponds to prevent birds drinking water and the water ponds around airfields to prevent birds around.

Theoretical and practical calculations show that evaporation rate is reduced up to 90% with corresponding savings in water and money.


Euromatic Bird Ball balls contain:

  • Fixed amount of demineralized water for stability against wind.
  • Specially formulated additives for chemical and uv stability.

All the products are manufactured via an automated process to ensure a high quality uniform product.


Quality & Testing

Euromatic automated manufacturing process incorporates on line quality assurance testing of the balls for sealing, weight, strength, and dimensional accuracy.



Black, UV stabilised High Density Polyethylene

Bird Ball Diameter: 100mm (4″)

Surface Coverage: 116 Bird Balls per m² (10 per ft²)

Nominal weight: 40g (air-filled), 240g (water-filled)

Self-filling cover ball has the same technical specifications with the water filled floating covers. The difference is the special hole design allows the self-filling ball to get enough amount of water inside when thrown into the water pond. This design creates a significant advantage in terms of transportation, yet the balls are transported empty.



Black, UV stabilised High Density Polyethylene

Bird Ball Diameter: 100 mm

Surface Coverage: Appr. 116 balls per m²